April Showers: Part II

Bridal and Baby ShowersApril showers do bring May flowers, but rain isn’t the only kind of shower happening this time of year. As we continue into April, the number of bridal and baby showers on the calendar tends to rise. What’s a newlywed girl to shop for when she’s attending an absurd number of these events? We’ve compiled the best gifts for both types of showers to make this Spring a little simpler for you.

Baby Showers

If you don’t have a baby these parties can make you feel a little awkward. What ARE you supposed to buy an unborn child? Fortunately, you can usually look on Babies R Us or BuyBuyBaby for your friend’s registry. Still uninspired? Here are the Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts:

1. Little Lamb Swing – Chip in with a few friends for this amazing piece of baby technology. It rocks a cranky little one to sleep in 2 different directions, buying your friend some much needed down time as a new mommy. My son used it until he literally couldn’t fit into it anymore!
2. Video Monitor – Being able to flip a switch and make sure your bundle of joy is still breathing is priceless (especially since you won’t wake him/her up)!
3. Boppy Pillow – It may sound like a ridiculous item, but these pillows keep your friend’s arms from falling off. The Boppy allows the new parents to feed/hold/cuddle their child hands-free.
4. A Prenatal Massage – While it’s great to buy goodies for the newborn, your soon-to-be mommy friend could probably use a little something for her. Purchase a gift card at a local spa, but be sure that they offer pregnancy massages. You friend will never forget how thoughtful you were when she feels 40 pounds lighter and can actually sleep after her treatment!
5. Customized Anything – Seeing your little angel’s name printed on something is precious. Red Envelope has a ton of great personalized baby gifts to choose from…the baby keepsake kit is one of the the best.

Bridal Showers

You should be a pro at bridal showers since you just had one! However, if you’re attending several showers it’s nice to have a few extra gift ideas up your sleeve. Here are our Top 5 Picks:

1. Anything On Her Registry – Plates may seem boring to you, but your friend took the time to register for them and will probably end up buying the remaining ones for herself post-wedding if you don’t purchase them. Creativity usually gets kudos, but a completed registry is awesome for a bride!
2. Bridal Lingerie – When you’re paying for a wedding, little things like cute honeymoon undies can seem frivolous. Help a gal pal (and her soon-to-be-hubby) out with a gift from Victoria’s Secret. *Please note who will be in attendance at the shower before you present your gift. It might be wise to give it to the bride before or after the party.
3. Candle Poem Basket – If you’re looking for a very personal gift that scores high on thoughtfulness and low on price, this is the perfect idea for you. Here’s a link to the poem that explains the gift basket of candles to light for marriage milestones that range from your first fight to your first baby.
4. A MissNowMrs.com Gift Card – Make the bride in your life’s name-change a snap. She’ll save 13 hours of hassle and research by using this amazing online service!
5. Cash – It might seem a little tacky to give a check as a shower gift, but you can be sure that it will get used! Consider writing a message on the memo line that says your gift is for something fun on the honeymoon or a pedicure before the Big Day.

What were your best bridal shower and baby shower gifts? Do you have a gift that you always give to a bride/mommy-to-be? We’d love to know!

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