Mother’s Day Magic

Mothers Day LoveHeads up ladies….Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Planning your wedding may have brought up the good, the bad, and even the ugly in your relationship with your mother, but hopefully the day you walked down the aisle allowed you both to connect on a whole new level as you shared one of the most beautiful days in both of your lives together. If you haven’t already made a plan for Mother’s Day or chosen a gift, here are a few ideas for you.

Capture Moments – Do you have a few fantastic photos of you and your mother on your wedding day? Now is a perfect time to either frame a few for her as a gift or make a mini album.

Pamper Her – A mother’s work is never done, so give her a Red Door spa certificate to make sure she takes a well deserved break. What would make it even better would be spent with you…so consider booking a treatment together!

Memorialize Your Family – Chip in with your siblings on a gemstone representation of you all! Your mom will be blown away by this amazing modern necklace with each of your birthstones to remind her of her “little gems”.

Get Personal – Write your mom a letter expressing all of the love you have for her and all of your best memories together. The price of this gift may be free, but she will think it is priceless.

Whatever you choose to do to honor your mom, make sure to do just that honor her. Also, as you are now a newlywed…don’t forget your mother-in-law on Mother’s Day. She helped make your spouse the wonderful person he is, so be sure to send her a card and or a flower bouquet. What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year? We’d love to hear about them!

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