4 New Reasons Newlywed Sex Rocks!

Newlywed Sex RocksVery few women will dispute the fact that newlyweds have a “glow” about them.  Is it a reflection of finding everlasting love or the excitement of starting a new life together?  Well, one study shows that the number one thing behind the newlywed glow is sex. You got it ladies….lots of lovin’ equals better looks!   Here are a few more benefits of a healthy sex life:

Help Your Heart - Not only does sex draw you intimately closer as a couple, it’s good for your heart.  Several studies have concluded that a woman’s risk of dying from heart disease decreases  as the frequency of her orgasms increase over time.  Just one more reason to make sure you get in some QT between the sheets!

Keep Your Hubby Cancer Free – While female orgasms help protect against heart disease,  research is beginning to suggest that the frequency of male orgasms can proportionally decrease the risk of prostate cancer.  You’re always looking out for your man, and here’s yet another way to boost his health and happiness!

Improve Your Slumber - You know how easy it is to pass out after great sex?  It turns out that there’s scientific evidence that sex improves your sleep quality.   Now you can feel free to snooze after he puts on the moves. You also have a remedy for nights when you’re having trouble falling asleep.

De-Stress – Guess what?  Healthy sex gives the brain the same soothing effects of high sugar comfort foods when it comes to lowering your stress level.  Researchers think that this stress reduction happens because the pleasure pathways of the brain are triggered by sex (just as they are by ice cream and chocolate)! Remember this fact the next time that a giant work project has you reaching for the Rocky Road.

So now that you know all of the amazing benefits of a hot blooded romp…feel free to share this information with your spouse.  Who knows, you might keep that newlywed glow going for another year or more!

Research information from EverydayHealth.com. Check them out for 4 more reasons newlywed sex rocks!

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