Married Name Change & On the Today Show!

Thumbs Up for Married Name ChangeAre you newlywed and trying to decide if you should change your name?  If so, you are not alone.  The Today show ran a segment yesterday completely devoted to the topic of married name change. Check out the segment (and a shout out to at the 4:25 mark) here!

One of the  takeaways from the Today Show coverage is that the Wall Street Journal reported on a 35 year study that shows more women are deciding to take their spouse’s names. This is a change in the trend of 23% of women keeping their maiden names in the 1990s.  Another good observation was that women who marry when they are older and more established in a career are more likely to keep their names or hyphenate.

Debra Shigley, the author of The Go-Getter Girls Guide, was one of the experts being interviewed.  She mentioned that was available to help simplify the transition from Miss to Mrs.  We love that she gave us a shout-out on national television!!!

Whatever name-change choice you decide works for you and your spouse is wonderful.  Let’s all be glad that we have choices in the matter! If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork & stress associated with married name change please check out today and change your name the easy way!

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