Top 5 Summer Date Ideas

Newlywed Summer DateAs the Summer days stretch longer and longer there’s more daylight to spend together as a newlywed couple! What better way to celebrate the arrival of Summertime than with a date night or two? Here’s a list of our top 5 summer date night ideas:

Drive-in Movie – There’s something both romantic and nostalgic about a drive-in movie date.  Instead of dealing with crowds of teenagers at the mall or sitting in your living room, you’ll be sharing a movie with your spouse in the privacy of your own vehicle (be sure to pack some fun snacks).  Here’s a drive-in locator if you need help finding a venue nearby.

County Fair – Not sure what to do this weekend?  Go to a local county fair!  Let your man win you a fuzzy bear or goldfish and then take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. There’s something about heights and your hunky man that causes spontaneous kissing!

Outdoor Patio Dining – Light some candles, open a bottle of wine and enjoy a meal with your spouse al fresco.  What better excuse to wear your new sundress and no shoes?  Here’s a great recipe to try.

Paddle Boating – Looking for something unique yet fun to do one weekend afternoon?  Find a local park or lake that offers paddle boat rentals.  You’ll be exploring, exercising and enjoying each others company all at the same time! Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and beverages for the trip.

Ice Cream Social – Looking for a sweet way to treat your spouse?  Find an old fashioned ice cream shop and split a sundae.  Sharing a dessert is such a fun married couple perk…all the taste and half of the calories!

What are your favorite things to do with your spouse during the summer?  We’d love to add to our list of Summer date night ideas, so please leave a comment!

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