Choosing the Right Dog to Match Your Marriage

Newlywed Puppy AdviceOkay, so maybe you aren’t quite ready for the responsibility of a newborn  in your life, or perhaps you don’t intend to ever have children, but the idea of having a little extra company around the house can be very appealing for many young couples.  In fact, a very large percentage of newlyweds find themselves in the market for a puppy. But, like a baby, a puppy comes with many new responsibilities and big changes to a household and even your married relationship.  Choosing the right breed is key to everyone’s happiness!

The Small Dog: The first thing to consider is the size of dog that is most likely to fit your space.  A small apartment in the city is not likely to accommodate larger breeds, especially those who love to run.  Thus, your living arrangements might limit your choices immediately. For those who aren’t so confined, the decision will likely be based more on personal preference.  A small dog can be a wonderful addition to the home, but these little guys are also very fragile.  They must be babied a bit as they are susceptible to cold, injury, and digestive problems.  For those who are looking for a loving companion that adores its owner and will be playfully content indoors, a small dog can be the perfect pal.

The Active Dog: As stated above, when it comes to small homes without access to convenient outdoor areas to run, the active dog is probably not a good choice for you.  However, for those with an enclosed backyard or lots of room to run, active dogs can make wonderful partners.  The spaniels, labs, and retrievers of the world are often willing to become workout companions for the runner or walker. Who doesn’t need a workout buddy that won’t take no for answer?! Water-loving dogs might be the perfect fit for a couple near the ocean, lake, or pond, and for the outdoor enthusiast, a dog breed for hunting will likely be a wonderful fit.

The Big Dog: If a small dog is not the right fit and an overly active dog won’t fit your relaxed lifestyle, then it might be time to consider the largest breeds.  Though they will still need outdoor time and they do require a lot of indoor space, these huge hearts are loving, loyal, and often on the lazy side – at least as they get a little older. However, do be prepared for a hyper puppy, regardless of the breed you choose.  Like a child, puppies need a lot of love, a lot of care, and a lot of attention in the early years.  A final note on the larger of the four-legged loves of the world — big dogs can also be major sources of drool,though, so you might want to have the ‘jowel towel’ nearby.

Whatever dog you choose, adding a 4 legged friend to your family is a wonderful part of newlywed life.  Taking your time and considering your options before you take the “puppy plunge” should lead to years of love and companionship down the road. Did you get a dog right after you got married?  What options did you consider or wish you’d considered?  We’d love to hear from you in a comment!

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