Avoiding the ‘Comfort Weight’ of Marriage

Newlywed Comfort WeightThe weight of  a wedding ring on your hand is a wonderful and comforting thing.  However…post wedding poundage really isn’t either of those things. There are a few things that might be considered stereotypical, but that do tend to be truth when it comes to the wedding and the days thereafter.  Brides (and grooms) tend to want to look their best for their big day.   So, part of the preparation for the wedding is often the pre-marriage diet/exercise plan (hello gym membership, body pump classes, spinning etc.). Exercise and better eating combine and will usually result in the shedding of unwanted pounds in time for that final dress fitting.  Yet, when the celebration is over, many couples will let go of the healthy pattern that was developed before their vows.  In fact, this phenomenon is so common that many people have come to refer to the pounds gained after tying the knot as ‘comfort weight.’

If you want to avoid gaining the post-party pounds or if you are the newlywed who has suddenly found that the jeans from last year don’t fit all that well anymore, then There are a few changes you can make to keep you at a healthy weight and also strengthen the bond of your marriage.

Invest in the Home Gym - If you have the space in your house or apartment, a home gym – even in the simplest of forms – can serve as a great place to remain thin and trim or to return to that status.  Plus, having it right there means that you and your hubby can share in the activity together and keep each other on track.

Take a Nightly Stroll Many couples have a tendency to lose touch of romance after they’ve wed.  A great way to keep connected and get the workout you both need, is through an evening walk. After the dinner table has been cleared, the two of you can set off together.  For more athletic couples, this can even be transformed into a nightly run.

Couples’ Cooking – Part of the reason that young married couples have a tendency to pack on extra pounds is because the ritual of nightly dinners hasn’t yet been established.  Instead, newlyweds will choose to eat out or order in, which usually means higher fat and calories when compared to a homemade meal.  Solution: use the evening meal as a bonding time and work together to create something that tastes wonderful and is good for you.

Remember, sharing in the activities that are good for your health will make it easier for the two of you to stay on track and maintain healthy weights.  It’s fun to challenge each other and keep in shape as a couple…you’ll both be glad you did!  What ways have you and your partner come up with to stay in shape?  We’d love for you to share your ideas with us in a comment!

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