DIY Projects: A Great Way to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Newlywed DIY ProjectsThere is so much excitement and anticipation leading up to your wedding.  After months or years of planning, the wedding and honeymoon seem to fly by and then real life begins.  Many newlywed couples begin to miss the “planning” aspect and connectedness of their engagement. Great news…there are tons of projects you can work on together that will not only benefit your relationship; they’ll benefit your surroundings!

Fixer-upper condor or houses aren’t a bad choice for new couples.  They can provide the opportunities for collaborative work that will bring many spouses closer together.  That being said, there are a couple of warnings that come with doing re-design work.  For couples who often find themselves in a battle for control – for the strong personalities of the world – coming to an agreement over color, pattern, furniture, and accessories can be source of contention.  It is important to go into the process with an open mind and the understanding that working together will not necessarily equate to getting everything that you want for the space.  A good marriage is founded on compromise, and the blended end achievement may turn out even better than “your idea”.

As long as you can maintain open minds and open lines of communication, it can be a great idea to suggest updating the kitchen, to replacing the old and outdated couch, or re-painting the guest bedroom.  Start small and move on to bigger projects as you become more comfortable with the collaboration aspect of your relationship (better to find out you can’t agree on a faucet than you can’t agree on a blue print for an addition).

As you begin your project, ask your spouse small questions to get communication started.  For instance, what colors do you see in the room?  Do you prefer gold or silver cabinet and drawer pulls?  Do you think we should get a Queen or King sized bed for our room?  These starter questions will provide the initial communication, which can then become involved as bigger decisions must be made in order to complete the project.  For those who are seriously ambitious and have the abilities, new bathroom construction, building the new deck, or laying to stone at the front entrance can be done on your own.  Putting your blood, sweat, and tears into improving your home will make it a more meaningful space and provide you plenty of pleasant memories and possibly a few hysterical stories.

What home improvement projects have you undertaken with your hubby? I remember replacing the 30+ knobs in our kitchen and being tremendously pleased with the teamwork (he removed the old ones and I screwed in the new ones) and the updated look they provided!  We’d love to hear your stories in a comment.

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