Hyphenated Names: The Top 3 Pros of Taking Both Last Names After Marriage

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Considering hyphenated names as a newlywed?  There are so many married name change options available today, that it is important to weigh the pro’s and con’s of each one before you make your final decision to legally become a Mrs.  Below find a list of the top three pro’s for hyphenated names.

Hyphenated Names: Top 3 Pro’s

1. You get to keep your maiden name in a big way.  While you’re adding a hyphen and your spouse’s name, your maiden name remains highly visible and will be used daily.

2. Easy recognition/transition.  If you work in a profession that relies on name recognition (this means you doctors, lawyers, realtors and writers), hyphenated names will make it simple for clients or patients to refer/find you, during and after your name change.

3. Increased SEO. Studies show that women who have hyphenated names show higher in Google search rankings than peers who opted to keep their maiden name or just take their spouses name.

What are your views on hyphenated names for married women?  Did we miss a pro?  Please let us know in a comment below!

0 thoughts on “Hyphenated Names: The Top 3 Pros of Taking Both Last Names After Marriage

  1. Jill

    I would use a hyphenated last name, especially to maintain the old “me” at work. For many years, that’s how people have known me!


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