5 Fun Fall Newlywed Activities

apple picking

As newlyweds, it’s easy to be so wrapped up in married life and the juggle of your schedules that you forget to take time to savor the seasons.  Not to worry, here are five fun newlywed activities that will help you enjoy fall and each other!

Go Apple Picking - Wait for a crisp fall morning and head to a local orchard.  You can spend the day picking apples together (hello photo op) and then come home and either eat them fresh or use them for pies or applesauce. Unsure where to go?  Use this resource to locate an orchard in your state.

Attend a Football Game - Whether you opt for your local college/high school team or a professional team, get geared up and go to a football game.  There’s nothing like cheering together and then snuggling under a quilt in the stands for building Fall memories together.  Eat fun treats, enjoy the halftime show and head home knowing you didn’t miss out on a timeless Fall tradition.

Carve a Pumpkin - Remember making jack-o-lanterns as kids?  Guest what? It’s still fun as an adult (especially if you add cocktails)!  Stop by a local pumpkin stand or simply go to the grocery store to select your perfect gourd.  You can have a competition to see who carves the best face or work as a team on a more elaborate design to grace your table.  Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Enjoy The Leaves - Take a walk through a park or plan a drive through gorgeous section of fall foliage.  Admiring the beauty of the season is good for you souls.  An alternate way to make the most of fall is to rake leaf piles in your yard and jump in them or use them to fuel a bonfire.

Plan Your Halloween Costumes Early - No one enjoys scrambling for a last minute costume.  All the normal sizes and good ideas are always sold out leaving you to be over-sized Mickey and Mini or even worse Barney.  If you start planning early enough, you can even make your costumes!  Check out this site for 25 DIY couple costume ideas.

Whatever you choose to do this fall, enjoy the season and each other.  Taking time to make memories is never a bad idea and is always great for your relationship!

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