Mervis Holiday Trunk Show: Engagement Rings, First Holiday Gifts & More

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The holidays are here!  Now is the time to start selecting the perfect gifts for your loved ones and possibly hinting to your significant other regarding a few sparkling items that would be a joy to receive.  My very first Christmas gift from my husband was a set of solitaire earrings.  I remember the surprise and delight as I opened the box and how happy I felt and still feel anytime I wear them.  If you’re unsure what you might want this holiday season…read on for a few ideas whether you’re dating, engaged, newlywed or happily married for years.

Diamonds Make The Perfect Gift! I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t like diamonds, so they are always a spectacular yet safe selection for a holiday gift. Jewelry is highly sentimental gift that will be cherished and quite possibly passed to future generations.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings can all be worn year round and come in every possible style and price point.  Finding a reputable jeweler is the key to stress free holiday shopping.  Mervis Diamonds is the leading diamond importer in the Washington D.C. area and they strive to deliver the finest quality diamonds at the best possible prices.  Pop by their trunk shows December 5-7th to peruse the latest and greatest pieces from over 20 designer collections.


It’s Engagement Season!  Did you know that over 40% of engagements happen between now and Valentine’s Day?!  If you’re a gentlemen trying to discover the perfect ring for your future bride, a jewelry trunk show is a perfect place to start.  You can go under the premise of Hannukkah or Christmas present shopping and then casually ask her opinions on the amazing array of rings displayed at Mervis.  She’ll be even less likely to notice your covert operation if you take her for drinks beforehand!

Important Research! Do you think your significant other is thinking about popping the question?  If so, it’s high time for you to do a bit of “research” into your perfect ring.  Grab a couple  of girlfriends and have your fingers sized as you try on different cuts and styles of rings at Mervis.  You may love the intricate beauty of Tacori or the simple sophistication of Memoire.  Whatever strikes your fancy, you’ll be prepared if a few subtle questions are asked AND your friends will know in case a certain someone turns to them for help.


Commemorate Milestones Romantically! Are you celebrating your first Christmas or Hannukkah as newlyweds or as expectant parents?  Diamond jewelry can serve as a timeless reminder of the big moments in life.  Every time you wear a particular necklace or earrings you will think of when they were given and the joyous event behind the gift. Firsts are not the only reason for jewelry by any means….you should always celebrate years spent together in any number as well as the joys life holds for you and your family.

There are endless reasons to consider diamond jewelry this season, so RSVPing for the Mervis trunk show is a must!

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