4 Indoor Newlywed Activities To Do When It’s FREEZING!

movie night

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  No matter how hot your newlywed love may be it is FREEZING outside!  The approaching winter storm may end up canceling your weekend plans…leaving you stuck at home.  Not to worry!  Here are 4 activities to keep you from climbing the walls this weekend.

1.  Movie Marathon - Start with your wedding video (awww) and then alternate between your #1 favorite movie and your spouses’ #1 favorite movie and #2 and so on.  The mix may be amusing (ex: Breakfast at Tiffanys followed by Naked Gun), but you’ll learn more about each other and get to cuddle on the couch all day!  *Don’t forget to stock up on popcorn and movie treats.

2. Feather Your Nest- You know all the projects you keep meaning to do around the house?  Things like replacing handles, hanging shelves and painting accent walls?  Make the most of being homebound and bang out your house to-do list.  It may require a few trips to Home Deport or Lowes prior to the storm, but when the snow finally melts you’ll be finished with your indoor projects and have more time to spend enjoying the spring weather.

3. Be Kids for the Day - Sleep in, eat pop tarts, watch cartoons and then pull out board games and video games to wile away the afternoon in your PJs.  Disconnecting from all of your adult worries and stresses can make for an incredibly fun adventure at home.

4. Plan Your Next Vacation - There’s nothing better to counteract artic temperatures than researching tropical destinations!  Consider doing your research separately and then sharing your top locations and ideas over tropical cocktails. You’ll find out exactly what each of you looks for in a vacation from location to activities to the type of resort.  Added bonus: you’ll be ahead of other vacationers when it comes to booking discounted flights and travel deals!


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