Married Name Change News in Nebraska

Senator Howard

Newlywed in Nebraska and considering your married name change options?  You may want to wait a few months, as senator Sara Howard is proposing a few changes to the current state name change policy.  Currently couples in Nebraska have very limited name change options.  Only brides are able to change their names after marriage (using the married name change process) and they are unable to take their maiden names as their middle names.

Soon-to-be-married Senator Howard (her wedding is in October, and no she’s not opting to change her name) would like to make married name change more flexible for newlyweds in her state.  She’s proposing that men should be able to hyphenate last names with their spouse or take their spouse’s last name after marriage.  Senator Howard also wants to allow women in Nebraska to take their maiden names as their middle names, which is a very popular name-change trend in 2015.  These changes may take time, but eventually will allow a great deal more flexibility when it comes to picking a married name as a newlywed.

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