Zoe Saldana’s Husband Changes His Last Name To Hers!

Zoe Saldana Name Change
Newlywed Marco Perego bucked name change tradition and took his lovely wife’s last name after their marriage! The new Mr. and Mrs. Zoe Saldana may be making news as celebrities who made an atypical name change choice, but more and more men are taking their spouse’s last name, hyphenating names or blending last names. What does this new trend in men’s name change mean? Honestly, as a name change expert, I believe it means that couples are finally equal in each other’s eyes and name change has nothing to do with ownership. Many of our client’s are citing the concept of name change showing that they’re “all in” in their marriage and I love that sentiment!  No one should change their name against their will (man or woman), but name change can be an expression of love.

If you are a newlywed man interested in taking your spouse’s last name, the state you live in dictates the process you can use to change to your married name. Men who live in California, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York or North Dakota can used the married name change process to change their names (as these states recognize a man’s right to change his name based on marriage). If you do not live in one of the listed states, you will need to petition the US court system for a legal name change order and then file the appropriate paperwork to affect your new name.

Currently, California is the only state that allows couples to blend their last names using the married name change process. **The catch is you must list that blended name when you apply for your marriage license. Talking about name change pre-wedding is something I always advise. You may surprise each other with your views and ideas (in a good way).

Curious what name change option or options are right for you and your spouse? Play the MarriedNameGame and let its patent pending algorithm generate your perfect married name! Also, if you’re a gentleman who changed his name after marriage, we’d love to hear your story in a comment!

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