How Does An Online Name Change Service Work?

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Engaged or newlywed and considering changing your maiden name to your married name? If you’ve used your computer to do any research on the topic, you’ve seen the MissNowMrs online name change service.

Curious what an online name change service does? Much like TurboTax, our service asks you a series of questions (such as your maiden name and new married name) and uses your answers to auto-complete the necessary name change forms for Social Security, the IRS, the United States Postal Service, your state driver’s license and voter registration. The service will also generate letters to notify over 15 million different companies/creditors of your new name.

The streamlining of the form completion coupled with detailed instructions that give you the file by mail option or the best times of day and days of the week to file in office save approximately 13 hours. You also get the peace of mind that ALL of the forms you need to file are completed. That’s 13 hours you can spend basking in newlywed bliss instead of standing in long government office lines!

Now that you know what the service does, you may be wondering “how does it work”. Instead of a lengthy explanation, you can now try the MissNowMrs online name change service before you buy it! Simply click the ‘Try It Before You Buy It’ button on our website to set up a free account that will walk you through the completion and printing of your IRS 8822 form. You can then opt to convert your account to a complete account that will help you complete the rest of your name change forms for $29.95!

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