Taylor Swift Married Name Change?!

Taylor Swift Married Name Change

Though she’s not quite a newlywed yet, Taylor Swift would be happy to become Mrs. Taylor Harris if she marries her current boyfriend, Calvin Harris.  Insiders report that she is planning to replace her maiden name with Harris at least personally, while using Taylor Swift professionally.

Taylor is currently 25, which is a life factor that affects women’s married name change decision.  The younger a bride is at the time of her marriage, the more likely she is to take her spouse’s name in some way.  Taylor’s mega fame is a life factor that typically swings women towards keeping their maiden names, as women whose professional lives are tied to name recognition.  Finally, the factor of personal style affects a bride’s name change choice.  Taylor Swift is a very classic and traditional woman, so I can see that being the factor that nudges her decision to taking Calvin’s last name and becoming Mrs. Harris.

Regardless of her name change choice when she marries Calvin (or whomever her future spouse may be), we wish Taylor the very best in life and love!

Curious what factors in your life will influence your married name change?  Play the Married Name Game to find your perfect married name!

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