Why Is Married Name Change SO Hard?!

No Name Change Fairy

You’re newlywed, and freshly home from your honeymoon. As you unpack and begin married life, you realize that “hmm…I guess I should change my name. It can’t be that hard can it?” Name change after marriage shouldn’t be difficult, and it would be wonderful if there was a name-change fairy. You could place your marriage license under your pillow and wake up with a new driver’s license, passport, and social security card in the morning. Poof…instant Mrs!

In reality, name-change it a total time-suck, and pain in the rear. A newlywed has to make a list of places she should change her name, collect all of the appropriate forms (note there are multitudes for each office depending on your current status), complete those forms, determine the right order to file the forms, determine and collect all of the required items and fees needed to be filed with each form, and then go wait in line and physically file the forms in-person at each office.

After federal forms are filed, a newlywed needs to file state-level forms for a new driver’s license, to update her voter registration, and vehicle title/registration. After those forms are filed, it’s on to notifying all creditors that have your maiden name on file. Including, banks, credit cards, insurance providers, student loan providers, professional licenses, associations, gyms, magazines…the list is never ending. Have I made my point? Name change shouldn’t be hard, but it is.

Fortunately, MissNowMrs.com was created by a bride fed up with name-change redundancy and bureaucracy. The simple service condenses the tedious 13 hours associated with name change into 30 minutes for $30. Or, you can opt to purchase their premium service and all of your completed forms will be mailed to you with pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes, and detailed instructions on where to sign and what to send where. Not quite a name-change magic wand…but pretty close!

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