Gwen Stefani Name Change

gwen stefani name change

Back in 2002, newlywed Gwen Stefani change her name to Gwen Stefani Rossdale. Now that she’s single, the singer has filed to change her name back to her maiden name.

We mostly write about married name change in this blog, but divorce name change happens. has a sister site for divorcees looking to go back to their maiden names: The divorce name change process is the same as the married name change process, except you need a name-change order within your divorce decree (which is a paragraph stating you will be returning to your maiden name) instead of a marriage certificate.

An alternate way for women to change their names after divorce is if they re-marry. **It is important that they list their legal name (so not their maiden name) on the marriage certificate so it will allow them to change from their legal name to their new married name. If a divorce women writes her maiden name on a marriage certificate, most offices will not allow her to change to her married name using the married name change process. Much hoopla, red tape, and wasted time ensues.

We wish Gwen Stefani the very best, and hope that she uses to change her name once again if she walks down the aisle with Blake Shelton!

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