Name Change After Marriage & Voting

Name Change and Voting

Newlywed and considering changing your name after marriage? It is very important to understand how changing your maiden name may affect your ability to vote in the 2016 presidential election. This isn’t a scary article, it’s a heads up so you can exercise your right to vote regardless of your name-change status!

Every state has different voter identification laws, but most require photo ID in the name listed on your voter registration records. If you’ve already begun changing your name and have updated your voter registration with your new married name, you’re in the clear! You can rest assured that come Election Day you can cast your ballot and participate in electing our new president. If you’re planning to change your name, but haven’t filed any legal paperwork for a new driver’s license or U.S. Passport in your new married name, you should consider waiting to change your name until after the election. This will ensure that your forms of ID match voter records and you will be able to vote without issue.

What if all of your identification documents have been changed to your married name, but your maiden name is still on file with the voter registration office? Option 1: You can call the office to see if you can update your name on your registration (depending how close you’re cutting it they should be able to assist you). Option 2: Be prepared to sign an affidavit on the poll sheet asserting you are the same person.

Now that you know your options…take the avenue that is best for you, but please vote. Countless brave women made tremendous sacrifices to ensure you had the right, as a woman, to elect government officials. Make them proud ladies!

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