A Royal Name Change for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal Name Change

The entire world is abuzz with the news of a royal engagement! Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle. We’re so excited for them, and of course for the possibility of a royal name change after marriage. I don’t know why¬†Americans are so fascinated with England’s royal family, but we are. Perhaps it’s all of the fairy tales we read about princes and princesses, or the glamor and legacy of the late Princess Diana. Whatever it is, we love knowing what’s happing across the pond!

So, with a royal wedding in the works, there will most likely be a royal name change. While most newlyweds choose between taking their spouse’s name, hyphenating, taking two last names, or taking their maiden as their middle names, Ms. Markle has a very different name change process. If Prince Henry remains His Royal Highness the Prince Henry of Whales after their marriage, then Meghan will become Her Royal Highness Princess of Whales. But, if Prince Henry becomes a Duke upon marriage (which is anticipated,) Meghan will become a Duchess.

Married name change is a very personal decision for any woman, but we’re guessing no one would balk at a name change that included becoming a princess or duchess! Regardless of what moniker Meghan Markle receives after her marriage, we wish her and Prince Harry a lifetime of love and happiness! The fact that the found each other across continents and fell in love is truly a fairy tale come true.

Prince Harry & Megan Markle | Royal Engagement Ring


Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty and Zac Hussein/Splash News


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