Name Change After Marriage in New York: 4 Things You Need to Know

New York Married Name Change

Getting married in New York? As a bride or newlywed in the Big Apple there are a few pieces of name change protocol that will help you navigate the married name change process with ease. As name-change experts we’re happy to share New York specific name change tips with you!

1. Maiden to Middle Name Change Is Possible

Despite New York law regarding maiden to middle name change, it is possible if you file your name change forms in a specific order. File your Social Security form and your U.S. Passport forms first. Next, wait to receive both of those new documents back in your new name. Then you can go to the New York DMV and file for your new driver’s license. Your Social Security card and U.S. Passport with your new name will serve as the required 6 points of identification…AND since they show your maiden names as your middle name, you won’t have any issues getting your new license to match.

2. Your Marriage Certificate Must Be In English

While New York is a diverse melting pot, the DMV is very clear that a married name change cannot be affected without a certified marriage certificate in English. So, if you were married outside the United States you should have your marriage certificate translated and authenticated before you apply for your new driver’s license.

3. Understand & Manage Your State Timeline

Unfortunately, changing your name after marriage is not a one day event in New York. Once you file for your new Social Security card, it will take the Social Security Administration 2 weeks to issue your new card by mail. Please note that your name will change, but your social security number will stay the same. The State Department averages 5-6 weeks processing time before issuing your new passport by mail. So, if you are planning to take your maiden name as your middle name, know that it will be 6 weeks until you have the appropriate documents needed to file for your new driver’s license. While you wait on your new Social Security card and U.S. Passport, you can notify all of your banks, credit cards, insurances, mortgage provides, professional licenses, and utilities of your new name. This will streamline your name-change process and make the New York DMV your last stop before becoming an official Mrs.

4. Name Change Help Is Available

If the laundry list of name-change in New York seems daunting, don’t worry! MissNowMrs is an easy online name change service that condenses the tedious 13 hour process into a 30 minute questionnaire. You can elect to print and file your forms immediately, or use our premium service to have your forms and envelopes printed, pre-addressed and posted. We’re on a mission to give every bride the option to go from Miss. to Mrs. in minutes! We’ve been called name-change fairy godmothers a time or two! ;)

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