3 Tips for Florida Name Change

Florida Name Change Tips

Thinking about changing your name in Florida? If you’re engaged or a newlywed, knowing these three specific things about the Sunshine State’s name change processes will save you a great deal of time and effort as you transition from Miss. to Mrs.

Florida Marriage License

When filing for your marriage license in Florida, keep in mind that the name you write on your form is the name that will appear on your marriage license AND your certified marriage certificate. This can affect your name change options, so try to make your name-change decision before you file for your Florida marriage license.  Also, Florida residents have a 3-day waiting period before marriage licenses can be issued, but if provide proof of completing an accredited premarital course the wait time will be waived and your fee will be decreased!

Social Security

The Social Security filing process is the same in all 50 states. Complete the SS-5 form and either file it in-person at your local Social Security Office, or file by mail. If you file by mail you will need to include your current U.S. Passport, and you will be unable to file for you new driver’s license until your Social Security card with your new married name arrives in the mail. Depending on your situation and name-change time line, it may be easier to file in-person.

Florida Driver’s License

Updating your married name on your driver’s license requires a little more documentation that most other states. Along with the certified marriage certificates, Florida brides need to bring their new Social Security cards showing their new name or a filing printout from the Social Security office (which is issued when you file the SS-5 form in person,) a certified United States Birth Certificate, Certification of Naturalization or Citizenship or a valid United States Passport, along with two proofs of residence, such as utility bills (which cannot be over 2 months old.)


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