National Name Change Day & MissNowMrs

National Name Change Day + MissNowMrs

As name change experts running an online name change service, you might imagine that our office gets excited about National Name Change Day… and you would be right! We love Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve (hello engagements,) but National Name Change Day is our absolute favorite holiday here at MissNowMrs.

In celebration of National Name Change Day this year, we teamed up with Aisle Planner and David’s Bridal to share our name-change knowledge with the world. While not every newlywed should change their name, everyone should know how to have an open conversation with their spouse about a potentially touchy topic, and understand how the process works.

If you’ve been ignoring or dodging the name change discussion with your fiancĂ© or spouse, don’t. It can lead to the first big newlywed fight. Take 5 minutes and read our article on the Aisle Planner Blog that details how to broach the topic of name change with your partner before it becomes an issue in your relationship.

If you’ve decided to change your name, post discussion, don’t just blindly re-invent the name change wheel. That can lead to hours of wasted time and endless headaches. Take another 5 minutes and read the name change tips we shared on David’s Bridal’s wedding planning blog.

Finally, if you’ve already changed your name, today is a fabulous day to celebrate your transition to Mrs! We suggest popping a bottle of champagne and toasting your new name and new marriage!

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