How to Change Your Name In Pennsylvania

How to Change Your Name in Pennsylvania

Are you a newlywed or nearly-wed in Pennsylvania? If you’re curious how to change your name in the Key Stone State, we have expert tips to make the process a breeze!

Certified Marriage Certificates

After you say “I do,” your minister or officiant will have you sign your marriage license and file it with the County Clerk’s Office. Approximately two weeks later, you will receive your certified marriage certificate in the mail. This certificate is the legal document that is “proof” of your marriage.

We recommend requesting an additional one or two certified marriage certificates, as you will need them to file all of your name-change forms at the federal and state level. Having multiple copies allows you to file multiple forms at once, and streamline the process.

Social Security Name Change

The first place to notify of your new married name, is the Social Security Administration. You will need to complete the SS-5 form and file it along with your certified marriage certificate, and either your state driver’s license or U.S. Passport. There isn’t a fee, so you don’t need to bring your credit card!

Many newlyweds don’t know that there is a file-by-mail option for the SS-5… but we think it’s a great way to skip the line! Please note that you will need to send your U.S. Passport, and it take approximately two weeks for your new Social Security Card in your new married name to be issued, and your other documents returned. If you have international travel booked, plan accordingly!

IRS 8822 Name Change

The next name change form to complete is the IRS 8822. This form isn’t required, but as it notifies the IRS of your new name, it safeguards you against the nightmare of having your tax returns held while the office figures out who you are (trust us we’ve had those phone calls.)

In our expert opinion, it is well-worth answering the 7 questions, and mailing in the form to breathe easy about your taxes. Please note that there isn’t a street address listed for IRS offices. The office name, city, state, and zip code are all you need to file (mysterious right?)

Pennsylvania Driver’s License Name Change

After your federal government name-change forms are filed, it’s time to begin your Pennsylvania name change forms. To change from your maiden name to your married name on your Pennsylvania driver’s license, you will need to complete the DL-80 form and file it along with your certified marriage certificate, $13.50, and proof of Pennsylvania residence (such as a utility bill) if your address has changed.

Expert Pennsylvania Name Change Tip

Pennsylvania law makes it difficult, but not impossible to take your maiden name as your middle name. If you wish to take your maiden name as a middle name, you will need to file for your new Social Security Card, U.S. Passport, and Pennsylvania Vote Registration card in your new married name and wait for them to arrive BEFORE you file for your new driver’s license. As long as you present all three of these documents (you can also swap in any tax records or government issued IDs in your new name) you will have no trouble getting your maiden name as a middle name on your Pennsylvania driver’s license.


After you’ve filed for your name change with federal and state-level offices, the next step is notifying all of your banks, credit cards, insurance providers, mortgage providers, student loan lenders, medical providers, employers, professional license boards, and all of your subscriptions, down to magazines and gym memberships

The Easy Name Change Solution

If all of this seems a little overwhelming as a newlywed, it is! Fortunately another newlywed got fed up with the endless name change process and created Our easy online name change service streamlines the 13 hour hassle into 30 minutes! Sign up for MissNowMrs today, and spend more time enjoying your status as a newlywed and almost-Mrs!

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