How to Change Your Name in Illinois

How To Change Your Name in Illinois

Getting married in Illinois? If you’re considering changing your name after marriage in the Prairie State, we can give you 8 tips to simplify the process! Changing your name after marriage involves completing a series of federal and state name change forms. Interestingly enough, each state has different requirements, forms, and filing orders.

In Illinois, newlyweds will need to wait to change their names until their certified marriage certificate is issued by the County Clerk’s Office. This document is typically issued by mail two weeks after your wedding day. Once you receive it, you can begin the married name change process.

Social Security

First on your name change list is completing the SS-5 form to update your maiden name on your Social Security Card. You will need to file this form with your certified marriage certificate and your current photo ID, which can be your state driver’s license or your U.S. passport. It’s okay that your IDs show your maiden name, your certified marriage certificate serves as the legal proof of your marriage and gives you the ability to request a name change on your Social Security card.

Newlyweds can opt to file the SS-5 form in-person at their local Social Security Administration Office, or file by mail. *Please note that if you opt to file by mail you will need to send your actual driver’s license or U.S. passport, not a photocopy. Those who do not have a passport are encourage to file in-person so as not to be without their driver’s license for the two week processing time.

US Passport

Next on the newlywed name change to-do list is updated your U.S. Passport with your new married name. You will need to complete the DS-11, DS-82, or DS-5504 depending on your current passport status. Again, you’ll need to file this form with your certified marriage certificate, current US passport, two recent 2×2 photos of yourself, and the appropriate filing fee. In approximately 5-6 weeks you will receive your new U.S. passport in your new married name!

IRS 8822

The IRS 8822 is an optional form. Its purpose is to notify the IRS of your name change. The form only has 7 questions and has no associated filing fee, so we encourage brides to file it to prevent any tax mishaps from occurring.


Updating your name with the United States Postal Service can be done by completing form 3575 or updating your address online. Choose the option which is easiest for you to ensure that you receive mail sent to you in your new married name.

Illinois Driver’s License

Once you have your new Social Security card in your new married name, you can head to the Illinois DMV to file for your new driver’s license. Be sure to bring you Social Security card in your new name, your current driver’s license, your certified marriage certificate, proof of residence if your address has changed (utility bill, or bank statement,) and $5.00 to pay for the processing fee. Your new driver’s license with your married name will be issued the same day you apply and a new photo will be taken.

Illinois Voter Registration

Your Illinois Voter Registration Application is the next state-level name change form to be completed and filed. Simply answer the ten questions on the form and mail your application to the State Board. You will receive a new Voter Registration card in your new name, and ensure your ability to vote in upcoming elections.


Now that you’re finished filing your federal and state level name change forms, you’ll need to notify all of your banks, credit cards, insurance providers, mortgage providers, student loan providers, employers, utilities, professional license boards, memberships, and subscriptions of your new married name. Some companies can update your name by phone, some require completion of a name change form, and others require an in-person office visit to make the switch on your account.

The Simple Name Change Solution

If the name change process seems long and complicated, don’t worry! is the easy online name change solution created by a newlywed fed up with the frustration and red tape associated with changing her name after marriage. Sign up today to go from Miss to Mrs. in a matter of minutes!


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