Lady Gaga Engaged – Will there be a Lord Gaga?!

Lady Gaga Married Name Change | Lord Gaga

Lady Gaga is officially engaged! Rumors have been swirling about Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Christian Carino, and she recently called him her fiancé during her speech at Elle‘s Women in Hollywood Celebration. So now that it’s official, as name-change experts we can’t help but wonder if there will be a name change in these newlyweds future.

Usually we begin our name-change prediction analysis by looking at several key factors in the bride’s life. This time we’re looking at the groom first! On the tails of Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk blending their last names to become Mr. and Mrs. Faltrow… we could see a less conventional name change working for Lady Gaga and Christian. In fact, we’re curious if he’ll take her name legally to become Mr. Germanotta or if he’ll playfully become Lord Gaga in the public eye.

The basis for our supposition around Christian changing his name after marriage are his future wife’s level of fame and his level of commitment. Women’s name-change decisions are heavily influenced by their careers, especially careers that involve name recognition. Doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and of course celebrities tend to hold onto their names post marriage. Christian already has a tattoo of Lady Gaga’s face on his arm, indicating a high level of commitment to his wife.

Applying known name-change factors to Lady Gaga we see that she’s 32 (the older a bride is at the time of her wedding the more likely she is to keep her maiden name,) and does not have a male sibling to carry on her family name. This information leads us to predict that Christian will become Mr. Carino Germanotta or Lady Gaga will choose to become Mrs. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Carino.

Regardless of their name change choices, we wish Lady Gaga and Christian a lifetime of love and happiness… AND if they do decide to change their names, we would love for them to use the MissNowMrs name change app!


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