Morgan K’s Real Name Change Story

Morgans Real Married Name Change Story

We love sharing MissNowMrs clients real name change stories and wedding photos! How amazing is this first look photo?! Don’t miss how being best friends resulted in a 200 person wedding in Chicago, how Morgan cried (happy tears) the first time someone called her by her married name, and her advice for fellow newlyweds!

Newlywed Love Story



Matt & I met when we were 18 through a mutual friend (who ended up being our best man). We remained acquaintances through college then when we graduated we both moved back to Denver & reconnected. We were both dating other people but we instantly became best friends. I could not get enough of him & we talked every single day. After about a year of being ‘best friends’ we realized we were supposed to be together. We went 0-100 which freaked some people out, but it was the best decision either of us ever made.

We got engaged in Nov 2015 the day before Thanksgiving. Matt was in law school so we set the wedding date for July 27, 2018 in Chicago, my hometown. We both come from huge families & have a lot of friends from over the years so it was a huge wedding at the Bridgeport Art Center in downtown Chicago. We had 20 people in our bridal party, 200+ guests & it was literally the best day of my life!

Morgans Maiden Name Change Story

the name change narrative



I always knew I wanted to take Matt’s last name – he is the most wonderful man I’ve ever known & his family is wonderful – I couldn’t wait to be a Bennett! We discussed hyphenating my maiden name & his last name, but ultimately I was set on changing it.

The first time a stranger called me “Mrs. Bennett” I literally cried. I always called myself that among our friends/family but having someone who didn’t know me (and how obsessed I was with Matt & our wedding) but hearing it so organically was just the best.

I love my maiden name and I have a very big but close knit family. Not being a Kovacs anymore felt like I was separated from them for a while, but they know I’ll always be a Kovacs at heart. And they love Matt, so me becoming a Bennett was a big deal for all of us.

I’m what the call the ULTIMATE PROCRASTINATOR! I have lists & ideas for days but what I get accomplished is a whole ‘other topic! MissNowMrs put everything together for me, shipped it to me with the labels I needed to send them to the correct offices & all I had to do was sign & put it in the mailbox. They also covered things I didnt think of like credit cards & other typical bills that I would have had to deal with. I’m so glad I found this site.

Newlywed Name Change Advice



Being married is the best! The day after our wedding, waking up with my HUSBAND (and not having to plan a wedding anymore) was the best feeling I’ve ever felt. Cherish the little things and always remind yourself why you chose to marry that person.

Welcome to the club!

Morgans Name Change After Marriage














Photo Credit: Leslie Van Stelten Photography

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