Married Name Change – Priyanka’s Take

Priyanka Chopra Married Name Change

Married name change is always a hot topic. One camp firmly believes it’s a feminist abomination, and the other camp sees the romance and tradition of sharing a name with your spouse. As name-change experts, most people think that we’re pro name change. In fact, we’re not. We’re pro whatever name change decision is best for a newlywed.

Priyanka Chopra is the latest celebrity to choose to change her name after marriage, and her comments on “The Tonight Show” around why she made that decision are very similar to the ones we hear on the phone and via email at the MissNowMrs offices. For certain newlyweds changing their names makes them feel like they’re a family and closer to their spouse.

We particularly love how Priyanka was quick to follow her quote about changing her name with the fact that she’s not losing her identity, she’s just adding Nick Jonas to hers. We’re calling that a total #identitywin. Name change after marriage isn’t for everyone, but if you want to change your name don’t be ashamed about your choice. Every love story and couple is different… don’t let other people’s opinions and assumptions influence your name change decision. Annnnnd… if you want to change your name, but are overwhelmed by the number of government agencies that you have to contact, the MissNowMrs Name Change App and Married Name Change Service were designed to help you skip the 13 hour hassle!

Original Story: Yahoo Finance

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