Michelle H’s Real Name Change Story

Michelle H Real Married Name Change Story

Are you ready for a new newlywed’s real name change story?! We are! Don’t miss the love at first sight story of Michelle H, and the factors that played into her married name change decision.

Newlywed Love Story

Greg and I met in a time of our lives where we needed someone to fill voids. When we met, I was not sure of him, it was at a restaurant and he wanted to get together away from our friends to talk. I think I was not sure, because I never felt such a connection to someone like I did with him. We spent the whole night until 3AM talking about us and from that moment we never spent a day apart.

Our wedding day was amazing. We did not focus on the guests (though they were very important) we focused on us. We wanted only very close friends and family because it was not about the show, but the feeling of the day. We were able to enjoy each other the whole time and focus on having fun with our friends and family.

We got married on the water and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. We also did not go over budget and kept the entire event under $4,000.

Michelle H Real Name Change Factors

the married name change narrative

Changing my name was a given, because our boys have my husband’s last name, so my name needed to be changed to match them. There was no question about it. The best part of my name change is being a Miller. I feel whole, and my family is complete.

The hardest part of my name change was the amount of time it took. Though it was a long process, it’s well worth it. The information MissNowMrs gave me was very helpful with my name change, as well as the convenience of having all paper work needed for changing at all the offices.

Michelle H Real Name Change Advice

Newlywed Name Change Advice

Don’t do it for anyone else but you. Don’t cause unnecessary stress and keep it personal. No one will remember the napkins but will remember the people and moment.

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