New Year, New Year’s Resolution… New Married Name?!

It seems that when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day everyone wants to come up with the best New Year’s Resolution, that works for you, and more importantly, one that you can stick to! C’mon we’ve all heard the common resolutions…to lose weight, to be a better person, to pursue a hobby, and for some, to finally change to their new married name! Some women put off their married name change for a variety of reasons, but the number one seems to be that they aren’t quite sure how they feel about losing their maiden name. Often times, women feel like they lose a sense of self identity by changing their name after marriage, or they are well-established in their careers and don’t want to start over under a new name. You may still keep your maiden name; you do have options! After a while (some times weeks, months, or even years), women decide that they would like to change to their spouse’s last name because of children, or some other reason. So, here’s where the questions begin. Can you still use to assist with your name change if it has been some time since you were married? Is it still legal? The answer to both of those questions is YES!

As long as you have a US Certified Marriage Certificate (to show legal proof of your marriage) you may change to your married name, and we at are happy to assist you in doing so by providing you with a streamlined, simple solution to this process! Wait, you had a destination wedding; no problem! Even if you were married and have a Certified Marriage Certificate from outside of the US, you may still set up an account with You may be required to have your foreign Marriage Certificate authenticated and translated by your local court house (in order to use it as legal proof of marriage in the US) prior to filing for your name change. Please contact us with ANY questions regarding your name change, as we are always delighted to assist you!

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