Wedding Gifts: Solutions for the Good, the Bad & the Unregistered For

Newlywed Gifts: The Good, the Bad & the Unregistered ForWhat is the worst wedding gift you received?  This is one of the silly questions that newlyweds discuss while lounging around pools on their honeymoons and when they get home and have to deal with these gifts being in their homes.  Here are a few of the truly ridiculous gifts we’ve heard of: a giant ceramic rooster, a custom created ashtray (for a non-smoking couple), a birdbath (for the urbanites) and the best of all….a hand-knitted baby dress for the firstborn child (awkward).

Hopefully you weren’t on the receiving end of a truly tragic wedding gift, but most newlyweds we know have a few items they haven’t used or don’t know what to do with.

Here are a few of the most common non-registry gifts and some ideas on how to use them:

Gift Cards: Okay, so you didn’t register at Walmart…go shopping in-person or online and splurge on something you wouldn’t typically buy like a grill or cute outdoor accessories.  You could also stock up on a year’s worth of items you hate spending money on (like toilet paper or razor blades).  Regardless of where they’re from, if you received gift cards, spend them.  You’ll feel terrible if a year or two goes by and you have a pile of worthless plastic and have to keep fibbing to friends and family about what you purchased with their gift cards.

Kitchen & Bath Items: Do you have more hand towels and wooden spoons than you know what to do with?  If your gifts still have tags on them, you can venture to the store where they were purchased and see if you can exchange them for store credit.  Be sure to make your trade as soon after your wedding as possible.  This decreases the chance that the items that you’re returning will be on sale or clearance, which would lower their exchange value.  If your gifts are tagless and/or you don’t live near the store they were purchased at it’s time to get creative.  Roll up hand towels and place them in a basket in your guest bathroom to add a splash of color and a nice eco-friendly alternative to paper guest towels.  You can also use excess cooking utensils and towels to create cute custom house warming baskets for friends and family members when they move.  Just be sure not to re-gift the original giver!!

Décor: Did you end up with more photo frames than your house can hold?  First, prioritize finding a spot for anything custom engraved and then see what you have left.  You can use a multitude of smaller frames to decorate a bare hallway wall.  Here’s a great site featuring easy to follow diagrams on frame collage placement: If you received a hideous gift that you know a relative will look for in your home, you have two options.  Tastefully display it in a room you rarely use, or keep it in a closet and pull it out when you know they’ll be visiting.

With all this talk about gifts you didn’t want or register for, it’s important to remember that the person who gave you something…did just that.  They went out of their way to buy you something to celebrate your marriage and begin your new life with.  As Pierre Corneille said “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift”.

We’d love to hear what your best and worst wedding gifts were and your creative uses for them, so please leave us a comment!

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  1. Darya

    My fiance and I have a small apartment, so we didn’t register for very many things. I’m hoping we won’t end up with a lot of stuff we can’t use, but even if we do, it’s good to know there are a few options for making it work.


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