3 Secrets Every Newlywed Couple Needs to Maintain Happiness for a Lifetime

Newlywed Love NoteAs  you return from your honeymoon, unpack your wedding gifts and begin settling into married life, you most likely start asking yourself if you and your partner will be as happy now as you were when you first met, fell in love and spent every single minute together as a pair.

Suddenly, you start imagining the worst – you and your spouse, bored with married life, unhappy and grumpy. The key to a happy marriage? Stop the negative thinking! Many couples stay happy together through the years, in spite of occasional arguments, financial difficulties or other hardships, because they work on keeping their marriage happy. “Happiness maintenance” should be a couple’s joint chore and you can achieve great success in performing it if you know these three simple secrets.

1.  Understand what makes both you and your hubby happy. If you are an avid shopper and a shoe sale at Saks makes your heart beat faster and instantly fills you with glee, your new partner may not share your sentiments. Don’t be completely selfish. Instead, focus on mutual interests and activities that can fulfill both of you. Whether it is traveling, watching sports or decorating your house – try to do more of what makes the two of you happy! Once you do, you will realize that your marriage is becoming a more rewarding and peaceful journey every day.

2.  Know that everyone argues, so when you have your first argument as a married couple, don’t automatically assume something horrible is happening.  Communication is key and sometimes it can come in the form of an argument, but remember – never go to bed angry! “Finish” your argument by sincerely apologizing and assuring that both of you understand where the other person was coming from. You can agree to disagree on occasion, but carrying anger over to the bedroom is the worst thing a newlywed couple can do.

3.  Remember how you felt that first time you heard “I love you” from your now partner-for-life? The bliss of that moment may have worn off, but the meaning and significance of these three little words never did, and you surely appreciate every opportunity to hear them. So does your spouse! Never pass a chance of saying “I love you” not just to remind him of how you feel but to give your husband a feeling of happiness!  While the words are great, little “I love you” surprises are even better.  Send your man a romantic text, make him heart shaped cookies or hide a love note somewhere you know he’ll find it and smile.  Remember, love is all you need!

What “I love you” surprises have you done for your hubby lately?  Were any a huge hit or a total miss?  We’d love to know!

0 thoughts on “3 Secrets Every Newlywed Couple Needs to Maintain Happiness for a Lifetime

  1. Melissa Foster Cook

    Great article! My husband and I got married 1 month ago:) We actually had that first fight of marriage a couple of days ago… We didn’t go to bed mad, but we had to stay up late to get to a place of peace and understanding!
    The advice in this article seems right on and it’s good to read a few pointers to help spark new perspective in that head of mine:)

    Thank you!


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