Registry Entertaining: What to do with ALL of the new stuff in your kitchen!

Newlywed Blender SmoothieNewlywed bliss and tons of newlywed gifts…sounds great right?  Now that you’re moved in and opened all the wedding gifts, you may be wondering “Why did I ever register for this?”.  Most newlywed couples will agree that they might have gotten a tiny bit overzealous with the registry gun and may have even ended up with everything they asked for!  Not to worry…we’ve come up with a few tips and ideas on how to utilize all the sparkly new kitchen equipment stuffed in your cabinets.

Blender: So you’re looking at your top-of-the-line blending technology in awe and wonder….and possibly wondering what to make first.  While your first inclination might be a margarita, there are so many things you can make instead!  Work your inner kitchen diva and whip up a batch of spicy summer gazpacho shooters.  Williams-Sonoma has a great recipe that you can use the next time you end up hosting a neighborhood BBQ.  You could also use your new blender to jump start a healthy summer diet with fresh fruit protein smoothies in the morning.  Missing your girlfriends?  Blend up one or more of the facial recipes at and invite them over for a fun face mask and a movie!  If that margarita still sounds best… could surprise your best friend or hubby with an impromptu fiesta and let go amigo!  You can also check out the drink recipe box at Hostess with the Mostess for some fantastic frozen beverage ideas.

Panini Press: These great little machines elevate the sandwich from boring lunch option to savory party fare.  Panini parties make for really simple and really fun entertaining!  Invite a few friends over and lay out several sandwich ingredients for them to choose from.  You can pick a theme to make the entire party/meal flow together, such as Italian Summer or All American.  With the Italian theme you could serve any of the following:  Italian sodas and wine for beverages, chicken, prosciutto, salami, any selection of Italian cheeses, roasted red peppers, fresh basil or fresh sage for sandwiches and then tiramisu for dessert!  Worried you don’t know how to use your press?  Sounds like a great time to do a test run dinner with your husband.  Have him read the instructions while you assemble two sandwiches.  Pop them in the press and watch the clock.  You’ll have a mini dinner party for two in minutes! has some great recipes and goodies that will instantly update your ideas on “sandwiches”!

Wine Decanter: – Not only does this glassware improve the taste and bouquet of red wine, it also looks great as a wine bar or kitchen shelf decoration.  Don’t pack your decanter away somewhere.  Display it and be inspired to enjoy a nice glass of wine with your husband.  Decanters improve even inexpensive bottles of wine, so take twenty minutes and unwind with your man tonight after work…just because you can!

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