Creating Newlywed Traditions

Newlywed Couple Coffee TraditionYears from now, when you’re hopefully sitting on a porch swing hand-in-hand with your grey haired partner you’ll look back on your newlywed days and smile. One of the best parts of being a newlywed couple is creating your own inside jokes, stories and traditions. All of these will accrue over time, but it is important to prioritize making your own traditions as you make your way through married life together.

Compare Traditions
Did your hubby wake up the morning of each birthday with his favorite breakfast and then a small present before school or the party? Did you always go shopping with your father to find a perfect Christmas gift for your mom? Sharing these stories brings you closer to your mate and can help both of you understand how to best “spoil” the other on a special day. If you re-create a special childhood tradition for your mate, they will be completely touched by the gesture and thrilled that you listened to them.

Plan an Adventure
What was the craziest trip or adventure you went on as a child or young adult? I bet you can remember every detail, still. Your newlywed years are the perfect time to create your own adventure stories. Climb a mountain, go white water rafting or take a series of tango classes. Try something new to both of you that will test your limits mentally, physically or both! The result of this stretch as a couple is a fantastic adventure to cherish for a lifetime.

Combine Family Traditions
If you always had pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but your significant other was raised on chocolate meringue pie make both for your own holiday or try a combination chocolate pumpkin pie (delicious)! Understanding the importance of family rituals and incorporating each others, will only add to the richness of your own family.

Create a Tradition All Your Own
This can be as simple as always kissing each other before going to sleep or you could apply your tradition to another part of daily life. You could have coffee on the deck together every Sunday and read the paper, walk through a neighborhood park as each season changes, or make a fancy dinner together one night a month. The key is doing something you both like, together, over and over again. Before you know it, you’ll look back and realize you’ve had a tradition for years!

What are some of the adventures and traditions you have created and shared with your partner? We’d love for you to share a comment with us!

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