Newlywed in the Kitchen

Newlywed Kitchen ScenariosMarriage brings about the merging of two lives and of course two kitchens. Hopefully you both are fantastic cooks and can alternate who cooks evening dinners. If that’s not the case, you may need to get creative in the kitchen!

Scenario #1: You are used to having a bowl of cereal or yogurt for dinner and your partner is more of a meat a potatoes person.

-Get a crock pot! Nothing makes a meat and potatoes guy happier than coming home to pot roast, lemon herb chicken or even lasagna in the crock pot. The best part? You do the prep work the night before and come home from work to a fabulous meal.

-Having trouble coming up with ideas or recipes? has over 1,400 crock pot recipes for you to try out and crockpot355 is a blog written by a woman who used her crock pot every day for a year!

Scenario #2: He’s an organic guy obsessed with freshness and you’re perfectly happy eating frozen dinners every night.

-If you possess some cooking ability, let your husband buy the groceries (organic of course) and then plan some simple weekday meals that will make you both happy.

-Compromise. Let your partner grill some free range chicken while you steam some frozen veggies mix in the microwave. Everybody ends up with a well balanced meal.

Scenario #3: Both of you counted on your former roommates to feed you.

-Sounds like it’s time to tune into the Food Network for some cooking tips, or sign up for a few cooking classes together. You can also check out Rachel Ray’s site for great simple recipes.

-Cooking together can be romantic and completely delicious. Select a recipe, turn on some music, open a bottle of wine and then start cooking! One of you can make the salad or sides while the other focuses on the main dish. You may end up making dinner and making out…and who could ask for more than that?!

-If the last time you cooked the fire department arrived 30 minutes later, you might have to consider a pre-made meal plan. Let’s Dish is a company that lets you select dinners from their monthly menu, prepares them and then all you have to do is pick them up and pop them in your freezer or oven! Another more upscale version to try is Impromptu Gourmet.

Whatever your kitchen scenario might be, there are solutions out there. Be creative and you’ll both end up happy and full! Do you have any kitchen merging stories from your newlywed days? We’d love to hear them, so please leave a comment.

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