My Love, My Life… My Jean Size!

Fighting the Newlywed Battle of the BulgeAfter a few years of dating my now husband, I slowly began seeing similarities between the two of us. We found ourselves often saying the same thing at the same time, ordering the same meals out on dinner dates, our habits and mannerisms grew more parallel, and even our taste in clothing became similar! Now, after 2 years of marriage I have taken notice to more extreme similarities, and some acquired habits that have got to go!

Do you remember having a best friend growing up, and you were often told that you were “two peas in a pod”? You were inseparable, and from spending so much time together your characteristics rub off, and you naturally become more alike! It has been fun watching this same thing happen between me and my husband.  I fell in love with who he is, as an individual, as his own person, and now I love what we have become together, still recognizing that we don’t need to be similar in ALL aspects of life
There is one habit that most women cannot share with a man and that is their eating habits! Men, naturally eat more than women do, and lucky for some they seem to magically not pack on extra pounds and can remain in-shape while doing so! Unfortunately, this is not the case for all women! My question is, how unfair is that?!  I recently came across an interesting video showing that just simply living with a man, women “mimic the food habits of their significant other”, and studies have shown that we tend to eat more when we’re with company.

I know that since becoming a Mrs. I have found myself selecting different food choices when out for dinner, and often eating more than my ‘normal’ portion sized meals, but am now comforted in knowing that this is a proven problem with other couples! However, this is not justifying my increased jean size! I would normally eat chicken and veggies for dinner; however, my diet has now expanded to include other meats and potatoes! Personally, I know that I am not one of those women that can eat and not gain a pound.  It is so hard to make dinner while trying to accommodate for both of our taste buds and not cook for an entire army! So what do you do?!

I have decided to take action now before I keep plunging down the slippery slope of poor food choices to get back my old eating habits and my size 6! My husband and I will continue to share similarities and mutual habits in many aspects (as our relationship continues to grow, and I love that)– BUT when it comes to eating, I will stick to my own habits and begin taking control! So the next time we’re ordering hoagies and chips, I will swap out one unnecessary empty carbohydrate (chips), and substitute with fruit or veggies!

Anyone else feeling me? Please share your stories with us, and what you did to get back on track!

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