Introducing the Sparkling Anniversary

Sparkling Anniversary AttireYou’ve heard of the “Golden Anniversary” and hopefully we’ll all make it there and beyond with our beloved spouses, but what about your up-coming anniversary?  All anniversaries should be celebrated, especially your first! You’ve made it through an entire year of newlywed challenges/changes and are still standing strong together…so celebrate!

Did you absolutely love wearing your wedding gown with gorgeous jewelry to match?  Who says you can ONLY be a princess on your wedding day?  If you’ve got a first anniversary (or any anniversary) coming up, it’s time to start planning Princess Round II. Consider going out to dinner at the venue that hosted your Big Day or planning a night out on the town.  Whatever you decide, you need to get dolled up!  Select a dress from your closet (or even go shopping for a new one) and then pick out some jewelry…your first anniversary should be known as the “Sparkling Anniversary” instead of “Paper Anniversary”.

Need some help in the sparkle department? We can help!   Leave a comment on this, or any of our jewelry posts on Mondays this month and you’ll be automatically entered to win our Stylish September Giveaway. Share your anniversary dreams with us and how ADORN jewelry will complete your look. The randomly selected contest winner will be announced on September 30th!! If we don’t hear back from the winner within 2 weeks, we will randomly select a new winner to make sure someone ends up with this gorgeous goodie!

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