4 Best Newlywed Ways To Handle Annoying People

Newlywed coping with annoying people

The Neighbor that talks until he/she’s blue in the face.  You and your spouse finally arrive at your house after your dreadful commute home from work and your neighbor is outside waiting to strike up a conversation that you know will last way longer than you have time or patience for.  What do you do?  You say, “I would love to catch up with you, but haven’t had anything to eat since noon, can we talk about this on the weekend?” or “I’ve been looking forward to spending time with my husband/wife all day, would you mind if we caught up at a different time?”  You can’t put them off forever, but it’s not rude to let someone know that you have had a day from …you know where…and would simply like to go inside and forget about it!

The House Guest that Never Leaves.  Do you constantly have friends from high school or college over and they don’t know when to leave?  Sure, you love catching up with old buddies and always enjoy laughing about the glory days, but at some point it’s time to say so long til next time.  Try making plans for a specific time the day that you plan for your house guest to leave, such as dinner plans with local friends.  The point is to have a specific end time in mind and stick to it.  Discussing these plans with your house guest prior to them arriving is the best way not to offend anyone.

The Needy Sibling or Friend.  Do you or your spouse have a brother, sister, or friend who relies on you for everything?  I’m not talking about times that you should be there by there side (such as grieving, consoling them with a bad break-up or even a job loss).  I’m talking about the individual that expects you to remember and remind them of important dates such as: Mom/Dad’s birthday, anniversaries, when their bills are due (or never has the money to pay them without borrowing the money from you).  If you grew up with a tight-knit family you know that it is never easy to say no to them for any reason, but there comes a time in life when you need to do what’s best for you and your new family…your spouse—and as a newlywed it is so important to put your spouse first to let them know that you value them and their role in your life.  Tip: purchase a calendar and write all the important dates to be remembered in it and give it to your needy friend, and let them write their other obligations in it (such as bill due dates, etc.).  After all, it really isn’t your responsibility to keep track of this for them anyway.

The Demanding Boss.  Does your boss constantly pile more projects and responsibilities on your plate than any one human being should ever have to deal with at a time?  Remember, you are one person and can only do what is humanly possible…one thing at a time!  The best thing you can do is always be on time for work and know how you work best (i.e. make a checklist and tackle it in a timely manner—no, Twitter and Facebook are not acceptable unless your job is social media marketing…nice try though).  If the deadline is impossible for you to meet on your own consider asking a co-worker for assistance or sit-down with your boss and let him/her know that you are working on XYZ and would love to complete the task, but if the deadline can’t be pushed back it may be best for the project to be assigned to someone with fewer responsibilities.  Any boss would prefer that you let them know of the issue instead of completing the task under par.

The list of people could go on and on, right?!  If you have an example of an “annoying person” (no names please) and advice on how you deal with them, share it with our other readers by commenting below.

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