Easy Fall Newlywed Home Improvement Projects

Newlywed Fall Home Improvement ProjectsThere are so many projects that need to be done around the house just as up-keep that you could probably do one-a-day for like a year, but where’s the fun in that?! Here are just a few (of the many) things that you and your beloved might consider doing this Fall to be sure that your home sweet home stays that way. We even split them up for you to make it even easier (although husbands did get the short end of the stick in this split…sorry honey, we’ll make up for it later)!

Wife Suggestions

Change Batteries: Check the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights, remote controls, etc. They are all equally (ok maybe not equally) important, but are indeed a must check off the to-do-list! There’s nothing more annoying than having the power go out and your flashlight doesn’t work sending you and your spouse rummaging around in the dark trying to find candles, matches, batteries for the flashlight…I’m picturing tripping over the poor dog, stubbing my toe on the corner of the couch or worse, falling down the stairs!

Update Medicines: Be sure to toss out expired medication from your medicine cabinet and your First Aid Kit…and replace it! What good is an empty First Aid Kit or expired Cold and Sinus medicine when you feel like your head might explode?!

Husband Suggestions

Check Your Windows/Doors: There’s a nifty little *self-test you can try to ensure that your windows are doing their job to keep the cold outside air from coming in, not to mention the heat (you’re paying for) from going out! Try inserting a dollar bill in the gaps around your windows and doors. Lets just say this is one test you want to fail otherwise your windows are not energy efficient. You may need new windows or may need to caulk the windows/doors or install window/door insulating strips or plastic to bring your heating costs down.

Paint: Now is the perfect time to fix a hole in the wall or the scratches from furniture when you moved in! Fall is a great time to paint as it’s not too hot or cold. When you’re done with the paint, be sure to store the extra paint away from your furnace (a huge fire hazard).

Tell us about your fall home improvement projects and your secret tricks to save money! Leave a comment today.

*Self-test is courtesy of Bob Sisson, a licensed home inspector: www.thedailygreen.com

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