Newlywed in Bed: What’s Your Temperature

Win Our Newlywed Bedding GiveawayDon’t you just love climbing into bed with your beloved after a long day and drifting off into a peaceful slumber side by side?  I think it’s one of the best things about being married!  However, there can be a few things to discuss to achieve perfect slumber for both parties in the sack…who sleeps on what side, who’s closest to the window, how many pillows, room temperature etc..

Knowing what kind of sleeper you are can be very helpful in resolving newlywed bed spats.

The Inferno - this newlywed is like a living heat rock that pumps out heat all night long

The Ice Cube - this partner is cold all over all night and may need an electric blanket to be comfortable

The Bulldozer - this individual starts out comfortable, gets hot in the middle of the evening and then bulldozes their covers onto their partner to cool off

The Hog - unglamorous as it sounds, they’re out there, the people who slowly accumulate ALL of the covers and leave their spouses freezing

Snow Toes – this spouse is toasty everywhere but their feet, and looks to warm up those toes on their partner

The Sweater - this is usually an Inferno forced to sleep under a thick down comforter, resulting in a lot of perspiration

Have you identified yourself and your partner?  If so, you can start to see how two radically different sleep types might have some trouble getting a good night’s rest in the same bed. For example, if you’re both inferno sleepers that radiate heat as soon as your heads hit the pillow, than you can probably agree on sheets and maybe a light blanket.  If one of you is an inferno, but the other is not there will need to be some compromise.  Layering on blankets for the colder sleeper can result in the inferno partner sweating throughout the night and creating more laundry for morning.

Lucky for you there is a simple solution to any couples’ sleep combination.  Sleep Number has teamed up with to offer one of our newlywed blog readers the chance to win a completely customized Create Your Perfect Comforter (A $280 value)! The Sleep Number Create your Perfect Comforter is the ideal solution for couples who disagree on bedroom temperature as each side of the comforter can be customized.  You get to choose the fill, customize your warmth level and then relax with your perfect comforter.  Say goodbye to sleepless nights and blanket wars!

Ready to win our cozy December giveaway? Leave a comment on this, or any of our Newlywed Bed Posts on Mondays this month and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Tell us all about why you and your spouse should win this custom comforter. We’d love to know what lengths you’ve gone to to solve your temperature differences. The randomly selected contest winner will be announced on December 31st!! If we don’t hear back from the winner within 2 weeks, we will randomly select a new winner to make sure someone ends up with this great goodie!

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10 thoughts on “Newlywed in Bed: What’s Your Temperature

  1. Caroline

    This give away describes me and my fiance- I am always cold and he is aways hot. I always try to snuggle up against him to warm up but it makes him to cold when I do that. The only way to solve our problem is to put the blanket inbetween us and let me gradually warm up!

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  3. Monet

    I feel this would be perfect for me and my future husband. Though we currently aren’t living together (we are doing things the old fashioned way) I slightly have anemia (my level is 12.0 — Anemia is classified when someome has 12.3) Even in the car I’m constantly turning the heat up, which he ultimately deals with but I know it makes him uncomfortable. We are getting married on January 30th and we all know February is the coldest month! This would be perfect in our new marriage and new experience living together :-)

  4. barbarabaker

    I am always the hot one, my husband is always the cold one. He can never get a deep sleep where as I can drift to sleep and not hear a thing until morning. We are so different when it comes to bed time.

    I would love to win and make life a little less complicated for us at bedtime.

    THanks for the chance. I would love to win!!!

  5. Kait

    I could desperately use one of these! My husband is a 6 foot 5, 210lb oven of a man, and suffice it to say I am not! I am ALWAYS cold at night. I have taken to sleeping in a full sweatsuit, which is uncomfortable and unattractive!!!

  6. Heather Baird

    I am the “ice cube” and my hubby is “the sweater”. I have two blankets on my side of the bed and he onlys uses one on his side, and usually ends up out of the covers. It would be great to win!!!

  7. Liz Chim

    This is great! My husband is the Ice Cube and I’m the Hog. Sounds like mobster nicknames! He goes to bed dressed like he’s ready to go out into a snowstorm! Even though I’m usually hot I like to snuggle under my big fluffy comforter. I was doing a little too much hogging, so we currently sleep with separate blankets. Poor Joe is left snuggling with a very thin twin size comforter! We would love a chance to create our dream comforter!

  8. Sharon

    I’m the one who’s always hot, and he is always cold. We compensate by dressing (or not) appropriately. He sleeps in long pants and long sleeve pajamas and I sleep in a light nightshirt. I don’t think we’ll ever solve the air-conditioner/heater problem, though. I would be happy as a lark sleeping in a 60 degree room, under the covers.


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