Holiday Parties – Ho Ho Ho!

Newlywed Holiday Attire‘Tis the season for corporate and family holiday parties.  Now let’s talk about not looking like a Ho, Ho, ho as a newlywed or newly engaged lady!  There is definitely a way to look attractive at events, without raising any in-law eyebrows or causing the CEO’s blood pressure to spike.

Here are a few tips to keep you looking your best during the holiday season:

1.       Choose to accent your upper body or lower body with an outfit, not both.  A great mini dress that has sleeves or a or a high neckline will allow your legs to take center stage without causing catcalls. If you’ve got killer arms or cleavage, choose a longer dress or pants and then show A LITTLE skin up top.

2.       Leave the leave-em-on boots at home. Don’t get me wrong, some boots are appropriate with dresses, but if you have patent leather over the knee boots (no matter how fashionable they may be) there are certain call girl connotations that will enter most people’s minds when they meet you.  Frankly, you don’t want to be that girl, especially as someone’s wife or fiancé!

3.       Get your hair done!  Now’s the time to touch up any roots or split ends that you have showing. A quick trip to the salon or some do-it-yourself tricks will have you looking polished and presentable wherever you go.  It will also ensure that you’ll love the way you look in holiday photos and not kick yourself for that hair.  If you already have a few photos you regret, you can use this cool root touch-up software to erase any hair color mistakes.

4.       Go easy on the make-up. Choose to do a smoky eye and neutral lips or play up your lips and do very muted eyes.  This tactic allows one feature of your face to stand out and keeps you from looking like you were hit by the paint truck!  Here’s a great video to give you some tips on balancing holiday make-up.

5.       Smile.  You’re a newlywed or newly engaged and the world is your oyster.  No need to be serious or nervous, just be yourself and let everyone get to know the real you.

With these few tips you should be able to focus on having fun at the flurry of holiday parties you attend.  You can rest assured that you’re presenting yourself in a wonderful way and everyone that meets you will be impressed.

What are you wearing to holiday parties this year and what are you avoiding wearing? We’d love to hear about your outfits and the dreadful ones you saw last holiday season, so please leave a comment!

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