Post-Holiday Pep Talk!

Newlywed Sewing for SpringAre you sitting around in a post-holiday daze?  Well, snap out of it!  Now is the perfect time to bang out all of those projects you meant to do in 2010. If you follow our suggestions, you’ll be busy all Winter and totally care free when the warm weather arrives in the Spring.

Organize – Are your closets and cabinets completely out of control?  Use the dark early evenings to get things organized.  Here are 5 Steps to simplify the job! Not only will you feel better, but you’ll know exactly where everything is in your home, which will make doing other projects much easier.

Donate – Do you have a pile of unused gifts from this holiday season (and others)?  Donate them and any of the items you discarded from your closets to a good cause.

Sew/Tailor -Looking at the pants you bought on sale last year and still haven’t had tailored?  Now’s the time to collect all articles of clothing that need some mending or hemming and take them to a tailor or sew them yourself.  The result of your efforts: “new” clothes in your closet that you didn’t have to buy!

Deep clean - Why save cleaning for Spring when you want to be outside enjoying the weather?  Make a checklist of what needs to be done in your home and split it with your spouse.  I find that having a reward for the completion of the list makes things much more fun. Decide to go out to the new restaurant you’ve been dying to try or to the movies as a reward for finishing your cleaning.

Doctors Appointments – What’s worse than going to the dentist or OB? Going to sit in their offices for hours when you could be playing tennis or soaking up the sunshine.  Schedule your (and your hubby’s) year’s worth of doctors appointments for January-March and then you’ll not only be healthy, you’ll be free to enjoy the weather.

We hope this list gets you motivated and through the Winter slump! Do you have any other suggestions for our to-do list? Please leave a comment and let us know what your Winter priorities are.

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