Cool Ways to Cool Off This Summer

Newlyweds Beat the HeatSummer is here and so is the hot weather.  While it’s great to glory in the sunshine, sometimes a girl’s gotta cool off. Here are some fun ways to beat the heat!

Boozy Granitas – Take a tip from Martha…the cocktail flavored icey treats gracing her magazine cover this month will have you smiling in no time!  They also make a great BBQ or girls get together treat.  Looking for a summery non-alcoholic option? Try this watermelon granita recipe.

Take  A Dip – Hit your neighborhood pool (or a friends) or plan a weekend beach trip.  The main idea is to spend as much time submerged in blissfully cool water as possible! Worst case scenario: fill your tub up with cool water and read a magazine while your body temperature drops.

Get Misty – Turn your shower to completely cold water and stand in the mist as you eat almost frozen sections of an orange.  You’re guaranteed to feel better immediately.  You can always invite your spouse to join you…but things might heat up again!

Ice Ice Baby – Need to cool off quickly?  Take two ice cubes and place them on your wrists with your palms up.  Wait one minute and let your circulatory system work like a personal air conditioner.  Here’s a link to step-by-step cool off instructions.

How do you battle boiling Summer temperatures?  We’d love for you to share your tips or tell us if any of our suggestions worked for you.

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