“Happy Wife…Happy Life” Interpreted

Happy Newlywed CoupleDid you know that “Happy wife, Happy life” is an actual guy concept?  Being a newlywed suddenly gives you a deeper insight into the male mind (sometimes good and sometimes scary).  I took this concept to mean that my husband should do everything in his power to make me happy, and then realized that my interpretation might be a bit selfish.

While your spouse should strive to make you happy, you are also responsible for your own happiness and your relationship’s healthiness.  Setting reasonable expectations, communicating your needs and making an effort to invest in your own state of mind are the keys to staying happily married. Here are a few ways to make the “happily ever after” even easier:

Tell Him What You Want – In the kitchen, yard and of course the bedroom.  You may have married your soul mate, but that doesn’t make him a mind reader.  You set your spouse up for failure by not letting him know that you really want him to take out the trash or bring you flowers on your birthday.  Try to subtly let him know your needs and if that doesn’t work have a heart to heart discussion.  Your husband wants to make you happy…so let him know how!

Be Realistic – We’d all love to have a mate that cooks, cleans, makes tons of money & writes amazing love letters, but most guys can’t do everything we wish for.  Decide what is important to you and then figure out if you can supply part of your own expectations.  For example, if you want every Friday to be a date night and your spouse has trouble remembering…do the research and make reservations or plan activities in advance.  You’ll both win in this scenario.

Understand What He Wants – It sounds simple, but “happy wife happy life” also means that the wife’s happiness affects her husband’s.  Do your best to be a happy person and meet your own needs.  Then try to do things that will make your mate’s live happier.  A surprise breakfast in bed or tickets to a hockey game on date night can go a long way in boosting the happiness quotient.

What do you need to be a happy wife?  Has your spouse figured it out or have you both needed to talk about your expectations to maintain your newlywed bliss?  Please leave a comment…we’d love to hear from you!

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