Newlywed New Years Resolutions

Newlywed New Years ResolutionsCan you believe it’s a totally new year to be a newlywed?!  Whether this will mark your first full year as a married couple, or if you’ve been married for a few years, New Year’s resolutions can be great for you and your marriage.

While it’s easy to make huge promises for the new year (like working out 7 days a week or climbing Mount Everest), I find  making one or two small resolutions much more easy to implement throughout the entire year. Stumped on what resolutions to make for you and/or your marriage this year?  Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Resolutions for Your Marriage:

Say one nice thing about your spouse every day.

Schedule a bi-weekly date night.

Surprise your hubby once a month (be it a home made dinner or naughty lingerie).

Try a new hobby out together.

Be the wife you always thought you be (patient, kind, giving, fun, etc.).

Say something positive before you say something negative about his work/family/friends.

Resolutions for You:

Reserve 30 minutes for “you” every day.

Try a new gym class or fitness craze (it’s a great way to meet new friends & zap holiday pounds).

Make a monthly girls night schedule with your friends.

Smile at people you don’t know.

Be nice to yourself (it sounds crazy, but not being so hard on yourself relieves tons of stress).

Save up, and buy yourself the fabulous shoes you’ve been coveting!

Hopefully these ideas will act as springboards for your own 2012 resolutions.  Did you make any newlywed resolutions you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment!

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