Your Holiday, My Holiday, Our Holiday?

Newlywed HolidaysPassover and Easter are right around the corner.  Do you know what your holiday plans are? Hopefully the answer is “yes”.  As a newlywed couple it’s really important to discuss the holiday, who you’ll see and what the expectations of each family are. Communication and prior planning are the best ways to avoid disappointing both families and your spouse.  Below are a few of the most common holiday scenarios and some suggestions to make them successful!

In-Law Holiday: Are you spending quality time with your in-laws this weekend?  There are a few things you can do to make the holiday go smoothly.  First, get the scoop from your spouse.  What does his family typically do (it helps to know if you’re expected to play flag football or croquette) and pack accordingly.  Also, email or call his mom to ask if you can bring something.  If she says no, be sure to bring a hostess gift of flowers or chocolates! You can also score family bonus points by bringing something for your new nieces and nephews.

The Holidays with Your Family: Preparing to spend time with your folks?  Talk to your spouse about what your family traditions are and ask what his favorite part of the holidays are.  You can ask your parents to add a favorite dish or activity to make him feel included.

Holidays at Both Family’s Houses: If you live close to both sets of your parents and they can be flexible on meal times, this may be the best way to begin your holidays together.  Brunch with your family and dinner with his gives you the best of both worlds and satisfies both families, but be aware that you may be setting the expectation that you’ll do double holidays for eternity!

Combined Family Holiday at Your House: Hosting a holiday as newlyweds is a great way for your families to get to know each other post-wedding.  Just be sure to talk to both sides and make sure that they’re okay with spending time as a group.  The first celebration will be the biggest adjustment for all of you (especially if you are a mixed religion couple), but if you can incorporate traditions from both sides and let both moms bring something for the meal you’re on the road to a successful event. Don’t forget to add a tradition or dish that is totally yours!

Just the Two of You: Too far away to spend Passover or Easter with your families?  Consider the weekend as a great way to spend time together as a couple and create a memorable holiday and possibly some traditions.  You could go out for a meal or make your own elaborate feast.   Making Easter baskets for each other can also be fun!

2 + Friends: Spending the holidays away from family and know a few other people who are too?  Host a holiday brunch and have each guest bring a component.  You’ll all bond over a meal and not feel like you missed out on the holiday hubbub that families share.  Feel free to be creative when planning your holiday event, I often host an Easterita (pastel colored margaritas) party in the evening for friends and neighbors to unwind after time spent with their families!

However you spend the coming weekend, be grateful that you have a loving spouse to share the holidays with.  We’d love to hear your plans in a comment!

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