Newlywed New Years Resolutions II

It’s 2013…a new year to be a newlywed!  While there’s great debate about whether anyone keeps the resolutions that they make, just the creation of a resolution can be helpful to a new marriage. If you haven’t made any resolutions with your spouse, here are a few resolutions that may be worth talking about:

1. Use Your Words - This is a cornerstone of my marriage.  We promise to use our words to tell each other how we’re feeling and what we need.  It keeps little things and annoyances from brewing into big things and arguments.  If you and your spouse could use a little more communication, consider resolving to “use your words” in 2013.

2. Make Time - Every newlywed couple I know is juggling careers, families, friends, hobbies and figuring out how married life works.  Making time once a week or twice a month to spend an entire day together without family, friends and cell phones will do wonders for your relationship.  By scheduling “couple time” your making sure that your marriage remains a priority amongst the million other things clamouring for your attention!

3. Do Something Positive - Whether you join an indoor soccer league or soup kitchen, doing something positive and new in 2013 is only going to benefit your marriage.  You’ll have new experiences to talk about during dinner (instead of re-hashing work drama) and a new network of friends to explore.   There’s also the great feeling of helping others or being part of a team to boost your mood.  If you’re unsure what new thing might work for you, check out, which helps people find the best charities in their cities.

Resolutions or not, 2013 is going to be a great year for you as a newlywed!  Do you have any resolutions that you made with your spouse?  I’d love for you to share them in a comment!

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