Give “We” a Rest: A Guide to Maintaining Friendships Post Wedding

Newlywed FriendsYour girlfriends are all happy that you’ve met the love of your life and tied the knot.  Most, if not all of them, were there for your big day AND all of the days you spent planning it.  Marriage changes a person, and your friends are adjusting to the new newlywed you. No need to make it harder for them.

Remember your single buds and to try not be “the nouveau newlywed.” You know, the girl who coordinates all of her outfits with her spouse, spends all of her time with him and can’t possibly have a conversation without overusing “we”.   Examples: “We love that restaurant”, “We plan to move in the next few years”, “We think that you should date so and so.”

Make a point to go to brunch with the girls and listen to what is going on in their lives.  Ask about their relationships and jobs.  Seems simple, but in the midst of your newlywed bliss it is all too easy to skip out on all-girl outings or blabber entirely too much about how great love and marriage is (trust me they’re happy for you, but enough is enough).

Time spent and conversations had with your girlfriends are priceless. Allotting time and attention to them from the very start of your marriage will ensure that you don’t look around in two years and realize that you lost touch with the people that knew you best before “I do”.  You’ll also get to smile and pass on this advice when those friends get married and can’t help the “we” speak!

Have you been caught up in “We-dom” or been guilty of it yourself?  We’d love to hear all about it in a comment.

One thought on “Give “We” a Rest: A Guide to Maintaining Friendships Post Wedding

  1. Aly

    This is a great article. I’ve only been married for 7 months, and I find myself blowing off my friends far too often. I need to be more aware of this!


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