PA Maiden to Middle Name Change After Marriage Update!

Attention Pennsylvania brides and newlyweds: you now have the right to change your maiden name to your middle name, after marriage! After several years of saying “no”, the PA DMV has recently updated their position on maiden to middle name change.  As long as you file certain forms ahead of your state driver’s license and bring specific forms of ID showing your maiden name as your middle name, you can now take your maiden name on your PA driver’s license without going through the legal name change process. Whoohoo!

The PA DMV will allow maiden to middle name change after marriage, IF you can show a SS card with your maiden name as a middle name and 2 of the following forms of ID with that same name: voter registration, passport, tax records or any form or government issued photo IDs.  So as long as you  file for your new SS card and your other forms of ID and wait to receive them before you file for your PA driver’s license, you’ll have no issues changing your middle name in Pennsylvania!

We’d love to hear from PA brides who have successfully taken their maiden names as their middle names.  Please leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “PA Maiden to Middle Name Change After Marriage Update!

  1. J. P.

    I’m considering changing my maiden name to my middle name and also retaining my current middle name (for example: First Middle Maiden Last). Has anyone done this in PA?

    1. Danielle Tate

      We’ve had many brides successfully do this type of name change. Just be sure to follow our instructions and file a few forms prior to changing your name on your license!

  2. Katie

    My understanding is that, yes, you may make your maiden name your middle name on your PA driver’s license with the abovementioned documentation — however, if and when you go to apply for a passport, you will still need legal documentation of your (middle-)name change, as in a court order…


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