Kim Kardashian’s Name Change Plans

Whether you’re Kim Kardashian engaged to Kanye West or the average American bride, married name change is a big decision. Do you take your spouse’s name, hyphenate, take your maiden name as a middle name or just use your married name socially?  With so many options and various state laws allowing or disallowing certain naming choices, it can be down right daunting to decide which names is right for you.

According to the Huffington Post, Kim Kardashian has decided to take Kanye’s last name, but keep her maiden name as a middle name.  I’m curious how she came to this decision.  Did she do some soul searching or try to find the ideal balance between her “brand” and the family she has started with Kanye?  I think she should play the Married Name Game to see what the patent-pending algorithm determines as the best fit for her life.  If any of you out there know her…please share this post with Kim!

Curious about the Married Name Game and what your ideal married name change option might be?  Give the quiz a try. It’s fun, fast and very informative!  I’d love your feedback on your results in a comment.

One thought on “Kim Kardashian’s Name Change Plans

  1. Taylor

    I’ve heard a lot of people are doing that now. Especially if you don’t like or have no attachment to your middle name. My middle names comes from my great-grandmother so I wanted to go the traditional way. I’ve heard some men take the women’s name now… Kanye Kardashian? LOL

    Taylor @


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